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Meeting Ukrainian girls and how to test them

You have probably heard the saying: “Plan your life or someone will plan it for you”. It’s always useful to be one step ahead your boss; your competitors; your enemies; or Ukrainian girls. That is partially a joke, of course. But caution is necessary. You are crossing the globe and spending big money to meet them, so you need some strategy to avoid the mistakes.

They always act by certain algorithm: an interpreter or the agency manager is getting your phone number; then the meeting is arranged; two girls are waiting for you in front of some famous place in the city center; then a girl-“bride” choses the restaurant and you go there; she orders some food and attempts to take some with her as well; she asks for the taxi money. The show is over.

Break this scenario from the beginning. Oh, and if she’s original as well, that’s a good sign. Test the girls by asking them to pick you up at the apartment or the hotel lobby. Google the restaurants in your district and choose one by yourself. Observe their reaction. If they are upset, it can mean they used to have their percent from each order in their “favorite” restaurant. It’s not about your good or bad manners at all. Suggest that next time they pick the place by themselves. Normal girls shouldn’t have anything against that.

Ukrainian girls

Order just one light dish. If they do the same, it means they are polite and well-mannered, probably even sincere. If they order 3 dishes each, cut the taxi option. Unless you came to Ukraine with the huge money to impress Barbies, of course.

The best is to choose all the route by yourself and take them to a long walk in the historical area. If the “bride” girl is refusing to walk outside in your company, means she has a local boyfriend or at least hides her search abroad from all her circle of friends and relatives. It’s up to you what to do then but you have the right to even stop the communication and move on to another lady.

If she seems to be a good girl, cover her taxi cost, but don’t believe the legend that she lives in another city or village and her taxi costs 100 dollars. Some even claim it’s 300 dollars. Give 500 UAH maximum and it’s totally enough for being considered the most generous man in Ukraine. Really.

Analyze her communication with an interpreter. If you notice that before every financial request, an interpreter seems to be suggesting something to her and a girl just accepts, then you know this witch is ruling the fraud process. Tell them you’re going to meet a girl face to face next time, without an interpreter. Tell them you got the Google translator on your phone or you can just watch some movie in Ukrainian together on your computer. Promise that you’ll keep the distance as a gentleman. If a girl doesn’t accept your offer still, or starts to avoid meeting you, they are just a criminal team and you have no chances here.

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Always ask a girl to bring her family photos, either stored in her phone or printed on paper. Maybe she sent you some by email earlier, that would be nice. Analyze whether the faces of her parents are same on all photos. Yes, sometimes it’s a necessary step. The girls don’t even put efforts for being the good actors thinking that foreign men are naïve. Be smarter than them.

Of course, you should not play Sherlock Holmes all the time, spoiling your vacation. Use some preventive measures occasionally but enjoy a girl’s beauty, hold her hand in yours, embrace her waist if she’s smiling to you a lot. How does she react on your touch? If she’s jumping away to the opposite end of the room, there can be only three explanations for that: you’re a bloodthirsty murderous jaguar; she’s only 15 years old; she has zero interest in you but a big interest in your money. Think well and choose the right option. Then decide if it’s worthy of efforts spending your time and budget on a girl who remains the ice queen even in her late 20s.

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