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Mariupol – Largest City

Mariupol is a port city that is located in the South-Eastern part of Ukraine. The city is spread alongside the cost of Azov Sea that is a popular sea resort divided by Ukraine and Russia. Mariupol is considered the largest city in Priazovye region. The city is located in Donetsk oblasti. The population of Mariupol is over 500 000 people.

Mariupol is the city with high developed industry and a great seaport. Steel and iron are the largest industries in Mariupol and make up a significant part in total exports of Ukraine. “Azovmash” is the largest machine-building company all over Ukraine.


From 1848 to 1989 this city had a name of Andrei Zhdanov and had a relatively large minority of Greeks. As to the ethnic structure of the city, Ukrainians make about 48% of its population; its second greatest ethnicity is Russians. Other nationalities living on the territory of Mariupol are Greeks, Armenians, Jews, Belarusians, etc. Mariupol is a home to the largest Greek community on the territory of Ukraine – around 30 000 people.


Mariupol occupies an area of 166 sq. km; the area that is subordinated to the city council occupies 244 sq. km; the area of the down-town area constitutes 106 sq. km and 80 sq. km are occupied by gardens and parks. The city lies on the ‘Solonetzic chernozems’ soils mostly. Frequent landslides happen due to the significant amount of subsoil waters.


Mariupol has a moderate-continental climate with dry winds in summer and fogs in winter time. Annual precipitations constitutes 400 mm a year. Favorable climate conditions allow cultivation of thermopile agricultural crops in the suburbs of Mariupol. The average temperature in January constitutes -5.2 C (22.6 F) and 22.7 C (72.9 F) in July.


Mariupol can boast a versatile means of transportation. You can see buses, trolley-buses, fixed-route taxi and trams. The city is connected to other Ukrainian cities and countries of the world by railway, airport and sea transport.

MariupoLargest City

Mariupol has many cultural institutions, striking architecture and many city parks and gardens. Donetsk regional Russian drama theatre is situated in the south of the city. In 2003 the theater has celebrated its 125 anniversary. Talented actors and collectives work in this theater including two folk and two honored artists of Ukraine. The theater has got «Gold Scythian» prize for its contribution in Ukrainian spiritual education.


Mariupol Local History Museum represents the oldest museum in Donetsk Oblasti – it was founded in 1920. This museum has nine exhibition halls and its funds constitute over 50 000 of showpieces.


The most important avenues in Mariupol are:

Lenin, Metalurhiv, Budivelnykiv, Premohy, Lunin, Ilyich and Leningradsky. Streets: Torhova, Artem, Kuprin, Apatov, Gagarin, Tagantog, Azovstal, Olympic, etc. Boulevards: Komsomol, Prymore, Shevchenko, etc. Parks: City Square, Gurov’s Meadow-park, Extreme Park, Veselka Park, City Garden, Azovstal Park, Petrovsky Park and many others.

Visiting Mariupol is worthy not only due to its beautiful women, but its sights and friendly welcoming nature.

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